Manage your time, live your experience.


Manage your time, live your experience.


An apartment is so much more than the objects it contains - it is an environment that must meet your every need, whether you are on holiday or on a business trip. Its value lies in turning your stay into a personalized experience, made easier through quality services designed to save you time, money, and effort.

Each Smart Home is designed to integrate automation systems, advanced connectivity and smart features. You will immediately feel at home, free to plan your daily activities independently.

Suites furnished with all the accessories and services you need, and offering maximum privacy and safety

The benefis of integrated services


Our apartments don't hold back on comfort - request all the services your need through our digital dashboard.


Experience your home in total privacy - you won't have to pass through any reception, ever.


Both the building and the apartment doors require personalized access codes to get in. 


Each apartment is provided with a Smart Fridge and a Smart Box, all stocked with Food & Drinks and several other quality products.

Thanks to our intuitive pay-per-use system, you can purchase and immediately use whatever you need.


We will take care of cleaning the apartment, and changing the bedsheets, the pillow cases, the towels.

You can also ask us to come over to clean and change your linen every day.